How to Avoid Roofing Scams

After a storm, it is almost customary to find roofing contractors combing through your area offering roof repairs. Storms are known to damage roofs and finding a roofer who is ready to help you right at your doorstep seems like heaven-sent. But are they really? 

The problem with this kind of setup is that unscrupulous service providers tend to prey on the victims of storms and hurricanes. They’ll take advantage of the situation by providing you with lowquality services and charge you with fairly high rates. Don’t be a victim of roofing scam. Protect yourself by asking these questions to all roofing contractors who knock on your door.  

  1. Is your business licensed, insured, and bonded?

Never deal with companies that are not licensed or insured. Work only with professional roofing contractors with a good reputation in your community. Their license should be in good standing and current. As for the insurance, they should furnish you with a copy of it. Check their insurance coverage to make sure that you’re fully protected in case of eventualities.   

  1. What isyour safety track record? 

Roofing is considered as a hazardous job because men are working at a height and at a steep incline. If the roofing company is not known to practice adequate safety precautions when working, then you are likely to face some issues regarding that later on. The company is responsible for providing safety training to its crew. If they have a document to account for that, then that’s even better. You are partly liable for any incident or accident happening at the workplace, which is your home. It is your responsibility to provide them with a safe working environment.  

  1. How much doyoucharge?   

All roofs are unique, which is why you need to get quotes from different service providers and compare their prices. If you have your roof done before, then you have a basis on how much the repair is going to be. Inspect the quote thoroughly. It should include the technical specifications of your roof, which is an indication of the service provider’s expertise and experience in the job.  

4) What is your official mode of communication?   

Communication is the key when it comes to getting services done. Problems occur due to the lack of accountability and communication between the homeowner and contractor. You don’t want to end up dealing with negligent contractors that will only show two times on your property. You’ll see them on the first day of work to collect the down payment and on the last day to collect the final payment. The best service contractor is the one that would report to you at all times, answer your questions, and see you when problems with the project. There should be an on-site supervisor whom you can consult with from time to time.   

5) What resources do you have? 

To know if the service contractor offering roofing services to you is not a scam, ask to see the tools that they have in their truck and know how they intend to fix your roof. Evaluate if they can adequately finish the job on time and with superior quality give the materials, tools, labor, and equipment they have right then and there.